Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are games of chance, but they are relatively young in comparison to other games of chance. However, because they are very simple and easy to understand, they are popular with many players. The popular scratch cards are not offered in all online casinos.

Of course, you also have to be careful with which provider you play with scratch cards. After all, nobody wants to scratch off a dubious provider and lose money with no chance of winning. Playing scratch cards on the Internet is safe with reputable and reliable providers. However, three important things should also be fulfilled in order to be really protected against fraud.

Casino license and regulation

The first important point is that the online casino that offers scratch cards must be properly regulated and licensed. You can feel safe as a player because of the official requirements that online providers have to adhere to. Because in this way you are optimally protected against fraudulent providers.In addition, one should make sure that it is an online casino or a scratch card provider with an EU license. Because a valid EU gaming license enables players to play legally. Such a license is the basic requirement for a safe scratch card game. As a player, you should pay close attention to this fact.

Openly specified payout rate

The different scratch card games naturally also have different payout rates. The payout rate is also known as RTP, which means return to player. With reputable providers, the RTP values ??range between 85 and 95 percent. In addition, reputable providers completely disclose the payout rates so that players can always find out more. Often you can find the odds in the game rules or game information. So every player can find out very well about the payout percentages.Of course, online providers cannot simply invent a quota. The stated payout rates are regularly checked by independent experts in test laboratories. In this way, the players can be sure that everything is going well and that no cheating is possible.

Game instructions and clear winning conditions

Scratch Cards is designed so simply that you basically don't have to learn anything to understand the game and play it safely. However, one can also be misinformed, which then turns out to be to the disadvantage of the players.Therefore, preferably countries instructions are useful and important. The terms and conditions should also be offered in country. Above all, the rules and conditions should be clearly explained in the game instructions. With reputable providers there are no references to any paragraphs in the small print in order not to have to pay out the winnings to the players in the end.


For players it is important to pay attention to the valid license of the provider. You've got half the battle in the bag. The online providers, who stand out as being particularly trustworthy and serious, offer the players a very high level of transparency. In such an online casino , all important and relevant information is made available before registration. This gives the player the opportunity to get the best information in advance and then consider registering.