Live Rouelette

With live roulette, a lot has changed for all gambling fans in the recent past. Until now, you could only bet on the virtual and animated roulette table, but now you can also immerse yourself in live game rounds. These are not infrequently broadcast from large casinos around the world. So during the game you feel like you are right there. But how exactly does live roulette work?

In the following, we will familiarize you with all the important information on the topic. This not only includes a brief look at the technical framework and the process. We'll also show you how to approach live roulette and where you can discover the best live roulette casinos. So more is not possible!

Live Roulette: Everything you need to know at a glance

Roulette is perhaps the most famous game of chance in the world and is offered in all major casinos. With Live Roulette, you as a player get the game action from the casinos directly on your screen. The game rounds are transmitted from a live studio of a developer. You have the feeling of sitting right at the gaming table. Live Roulette can be found in all live casinos on the market. You can choose from numerous different game variants at Live Roulette in the new online casinos.

Live roulette basic rules: this is how it works

The basic rules of live roulette are of course the same as for roulette, which is played against the computer. So the general rules are relevant, as streaming is from real arcades. In the typical roulette wheel there are 37 compartments from 0 to 36. Players can bet on a single number at Live Roulette or select groups of numbers. The inserts are placed inside the table.

In the outer area there is also the possibility to give tips on live roulette. There are 18 numbers each. Players can choose between high or low numbers, between even or odd numbers, between red or black. There are many different betting options in live roulette at here Columns or dozen can also be placed. As soon as the croupier says: nothing works, no more bets can be made. As soon as the ball stops, it is evaluated and the corresponding winnings are paid out.

The payout percentage in Live Roulette depends on which bets have been made. For example, red / black pays 1: 1. With the column bet there is a payout of 2: 1. A trio bet pays 11: 1, just to mention a few of the payout percentages in a live roulette casino. If you bet skillfully at live roulette and are lucky, you can benefit from a high profit.