Progressive Jackpots

Compared to land-based casinos, the casinos on the Internet have a lot of advantages, even if up to now the flair and the glittering world on the Strip, for example in Vegas, of course only took place on the screen. But that's just a shortcoming - the online casinos are successful in all other areas and in view of the multitude of opportunities it is not surprising if there are also a lot of profits in the slot machine sector. The progressive slots seem particularly tempting - but is it really worth it and what do players have to pay attention to in detail with these jackpots?

How do machines with such a jackpot work?

Usually a slot is very simple and has a certain payout rate from providers such as the casino. This is to a certain extent programmed in by the manufacturer. In online casinos, this payout, also known as RTP, is much higher than in the arcade or casino around the corner - another reason why many gamblers try their luck on the Internet! Of course, the payout ratio with progressive slots is always a little lower, usually around 85% or a little more - an announcement to the progressive jackpot, which in total is much more than a profit on conventional slot machines.

Several slots are switched together and every bet, every win not achieved means an increase in the pot. Hence the name Progressive Jackpot - an ever-growing mountain of money that a player will eventually crack at one of these linked slot machines. Sometimes the pots are divided into minor and major or similar, but the main prize here can run into the millions of euros! If you are kissed by the goddess of luck here, you can collect an enormous amount of money with little stake or even a casino bonus.

What wagers are required and can a casino bonus be used?

When it comes to risk, it depends specifically on the machine. Classics like Book of Ra, which do not have such a jackpot, offset bets with winning symbols and that then means the amount of winnings. Progressive slot machines, on the other hand, naturally demand the maximum amount of stakes and that can become expensive after just a few revolutions of the reels! Others, on the other hand, pay out completely randomly, often regardless of any combination of spins and it is certainly advisable to check these slot machines in online casinos more closely. The software manufacturers and operators mix the range quite well. In addition, an overview can usually be seen on the home page which machines are currently particularly well stocked.