Online Scratch Cards

Read on to find out the best and cheapest places to play scratch cards online, what types of scratch cards are available to you and what your chances of winning are when you play online for real money.

What are my chances of winning?

The chances of winning are generally better than in the classic lottery branch, as the costs for an online scratch card are much lower. On the one hand, because the classic lottery branch has to run a physical company and retains a certain share of the profit and on the other hand, because a scratch card is much cheaper to buy online and so much more scratch cards can be played for 1 than on site.

The price for a scratch card is between 0.50 and 1, in contrast to an online scratch card, which can sometimes be bought for as little as 0.05. Since the stake can be determined in the online game, it must be noted that the possible profit also depends on it. With more stakes there is therefore more profit in the event of a win.

How do you play scratch cards online?

One reason scratch cards are so popular is because the game is very easy to understand. It is not necessary to know complicated game rules or number combinations as is the case with other games, including online games. You buy a ticket and usually scratch off three fields of your choice on it. To win, most scratch cards have to find three of the same symbols. Other scratch cards offer modified versions, with the online casinos in particular offering very creative variants.

But what all scratch cards have in common is that it is very easy and intuitive to understand how to play them and when you have won. There are online versions of adventure stories, advent calendars and classic scratch cards. In addition, the online version is even easier than the classic version, as you cannot accidentally scratch off too many fields, which means that the classic scratch card is invalid and it is also automatically recognized whether there is a win or not.

Can I also play scratch cards online for free?

In fact, you can play scratch cards online for free too. Many scratch card providers offer the player a certain number of scratch cards for free after registration or credit the new player with a certain amount of credit that he can use to play scratch cards. Usually it is around 5 - 10 . The profits achieved can of course be kept, although you should note that depending on the provider, these are usually tied to conditions that you should consider beforehand. However, this does not mean that the provider is therefore dubious, but merely an offer to attract new customers, whereby the online provider as well as the new player can benefit from it. So if you are not yet registered in any online casino you can use the entry bonuses to try your luck for free. Most online providers offer a welcome bonus, which should therefore also be used.