Real Money Blackjack

If you want to play blackjack on the Internet for real money , it is of course advisable to choose an online casino that not only has many game variants but also advantageous bonus conditions for this game. Apart from that, there are a few other, more general aspects. Here you will find the most important questions about real money stakes and how to proceed in the event of a connection interruption.

What are the limits for ante or side bets?

The table limits are actually not a big issue in card games, but there are detailed questions that many players are not sure about. It is clear that the actual stake is subject to the table limits - but what about an ante or side bets, for example? In blackjack, there are generally very few game variants that require an ante. But since this starting bet is usually half of the regular bet, can it be half of the lower table limit? No, the table limit only applies to the ante. If you set the upper table limit, you will ultimately be at double the specified table limit after completing the starting bet.

The side bets can look very different. There are generally several options here. The first and easiest is that the bet on the side bet must correspond exactly to the bet on the game and thus also the table limits. Another possibility is that the side bet may deviate from the actual stake, but the side bet may not be larger and must still correspond to the table limits. With other variants, the side bet or insurance is automatically half of the actual stake.

How to place real money bets and the winnings are paid out

In blackjack, you can easily place your chips with just a few clicks. First you choose a token of a certain value that you want to bet - the lowest value is usually the respective table limit. This token is now active and will in most cases replace the mouse pointer. Now you simply click on the box for your bets and the token will be placed in it. Each further click adds another of these tokens, you can also change the value of the token in between. All of your casino account balance is available to you as usable money.

If the table limit is exceeded, you will receive a corresponding notification or no further chip will be accepted. The stake can also be deleted with a single click on the respective option or by right-clicking the value of the selected chip is deducted from the current stake amount. As soon as you click on “Deal”, the bet amount is accepted and the game begins. The winnings are paid out automatically. As soon as the game is decided, you will see lost bets withdrawn and winnings paid out on the table. At the same time, the winnings are immediately transferred to your credit and are available for new bets.