Betsson is a site that many don't think needs a demo, but it deserves one. This is one of the pioneers in the online casino industry, which has actually been among the first, if not the first, to create the hype of online gambling for Nordic nations, including Finns. So, of course, this is one of the best sites and, worst of all, it still is. Over the years, Betsson has succeeded in creating its new leather many times and it shows. The latest addition is, for example, Virtual Sports. That is the secret of this site, and it works in the same field as in the field, so it must be possible to create leather. Letís take a little more closer, though, to what kind of site it is and especially what kind of background it comes from.

Betsson was thus established in 2001, when it actually started with an English license, the UKGC license. It wasnít until 2006, when the company was owned by Cherry at the time, which had been established as early as 1963. In practice, in our western neighborhood, the iron professionals in the casino industry banged their heads together and began conquering the world with the help of several brands. As everyone knows, that trip has been quite successful.

Betsson has been loyal to his own world of orange color, although small adjustments have also been made as the graphics evolve. Still, color is so characteristic of it that so many other sites havenít dared to go do the same. The name, on the other hand, in practice means the son of the bettor in Finnish, as there are many surnames in Sweden, for example Jonsson is Joni's son again. An ingenious name has to be said, because at the same time it sits in the mouths of practically all Westerners, so the name is also immediately remembered.

There is plenty to play at Betsson, as the selections include slots as well as betting and Virtual Sports. Poker can also be found. In other words, there is enough choice and it is good that you can switch between different game types within the same site, and therefore you do not have to bounce from one site to another, depending on what you want to play at any given time. Promotions and bonuses are world class. Especially on the sports side. Maybe a little bit of a site tends to make betting its number one product, and thereís nothing in it. It does it in a style that not many other sites in this world can.