Alf Casino

Alf Casino is one of the surprises of 2018. It offers a (mostly) Finnish language site, a great selection of games and great bonuses. Towards the end of 2018, the bonuses have only decreased at various casinos, so Alf Casino is a great boost for the gray winter. The Alf Casino bonus is a 100% bonus up to € 500 + 200 free spins! In addition, there are plenty of other benefits to the casino, which we will also introduce later in this review.

At this casino you can play both without a game account and after creating a game account. The choice is yours. However, let's bet that in the future the gaming account in its actual form will be phased out: In this sense, we recommend logging in to the casino for the first time using online banking credentials - this way, the gaming account does not need to be forwarded in future stages. In addition, we were unable to create our own game account at all, as the spelling of the phone number was constantly incorrect. If you manage to crack that cryptic code and get your game account created, miraculously message us!

The only real downside to the casino is its gaming licenses, which are mainly for Curacao. For the Finnish player, this means that taxes must be paid on profits. On the other hand, a wide variety of different bonuses as well as an interesting casino adventure offset the taxes payable on winnings, at least in our opinion.

Alf Casino online

The year 2018 has been extremely interesting for various online casinos. There were actually three clear trends: color scheme, casino adventure, and online casinos without registration. Alf Casino skillfully combines all three of these!

The colors that dominated 2018 can be found in the casino's color scheme: different shades of purple and pink. Several of the best online casinos chose this color scheme either by chance or monkey style from competitors. Be that as it may, indeed many different casinos ended up with a similar combination.

The Alf Casino experience cannot be said to be smooth in all respects. As we mentioned at the beginning, reporting a phone number during the game account registration process is really tricky. On the other hand, we believe this anticipates that the site will very soon move entirely to a casino without a gaming account, so it may be that when you read this review, the possibility of creating a gaming account doesn’t even exist.

Navigating the page is sometimes a little tricky. What makes Alf Casino confusing is the lack of descriptions in particular. On the right side of the site is a menu with mere icons without an explanation of what exactly is at stake. Through the icons, it is by no means particularly easy to guess which section of the casino you will end up with when you click on them. The only fairly clear icons are the game controller (by giggling it to get to the games) and the menu key at the very top corner. We recommend that you use it for navigation.