Bethard is a very reputable online casino site. It is also a so-called full-service venue, as in addition to the casino, it also offers betting services. For many, it doesnít even need demonstrations, but nonetheless, we do. The site is one that represents reliability to many and its reputation is one that many casinos aspire to. It has risen from a vague online casino to a mainstay. For a site that sponsors high-class athletes, this is Bethard.

So the site was founded in 2014, so itís even relatively new compared to all the casinos that have earned the same reputation. Most of them are up to 10 years older, so it has done its job really well. The site is targeted at typical MGA and UKGC countries, which are therefore the licenses it holds. As a result, Finns can also enjoy completely tax-free profits, and the lucky one happens to be hit. There has been an investment in languages, and there is no need to fear here that it will not be clear what is being tried to say. Quality exudes everywhere.

Bethard is a good looking online casino and is designed to look modern. It doesnít try too much to lean on the old style, but on the other hand, it also didnít go into an artificial wave where you donít know if the page is for kids or adults. No, instead it relies heavily on sports and the people it sponsors are on display a lot right from the front page. Itís hard not to trust if a world-class footballer welcomes you. If he trusts too, then I must too. On the other hand, just such sites are a good thing, because there are far too many sites where you canít be sure you can trust anything.

Of course, Bethard also offers bonuses to players, both in sports and in the casino. The conditions look good and everything is exactly as it should be. These bonuses arenít gigantic, but nonetheless, completely decent bonuses where no specialties were found in the small prints. By the way, you can also get bonuses for online wallets if you want to make a deposit through it, which is also a big plus. Other traditional payment methods can also be found in the options, so fortunately there is a choice.