Play Online Keno Game

The rules of Keno are really easy to learn, so the player gets to the point quickly, that is, to enjoy the game itself. Of course, since there are several different versions of Keno, it's a good idea to take a look at the version rules before you start playing to understand how the different variations differ. In general, however, Keno’s rules are really simple, and not really any rocket science. Keno is played on a grid with a total of 80 numbers. Of these numbers, the player must choose 1 to 20 numbers, however, most will choose numbers between 1 and 10. Once a player has made their selection, the Keno lottery will randomly draw 20 numbers. The player wins hits and the winnings are distributed according to how many numbers have been selected in total and how many hits the player has received.

At an online casino, the player can place a bet of any size, which also acts as a multiplier for the winnings made by the player. The lottery takes place virtually at the online casino. For example, a player who dials ten often needs three hits to win from Keno. The fewer numbers, the fewer hits you need. Of course, online casino Keno games also include progressive jackpots and various bonus games, so playing online is definitely worth it. Casino bonuses can include various free spins.

There is no specific payout formula or payout strategy in Keno, as is not usually the case with luck-based casino games. As with many other luck-based casino games, there are a few tricks in keno that can still improve your chances of winning. Some experts, as well as players who have played Keno for a long time, recommend choosing three or seven numbers out of ten numbers in Keno. Ten numbers, on the other hand, are often not recommended to be dialed, because then the return percentage is the lowest.

Winning in online keno always depends on how many numbers the player has chosen and how many numbers the player gets hit. For example, if a player dials only one number and gets a hit, then the player wins three coins. How valuable an individual coin is depends on the value of the coin you choose before the value of the game. For example, if a player chooses eight numbers, four of which will be a hit, the player wins three coins. If five of the eight numbers hit the position there is a win then six balls. Out of a full eight hits, the player gets 720 coins. When a player selects the maximum number of numbers (15) and gets a hit on all fifteen numbers, there is a payout of 10,000 coins.