Online Sic Bo

There are different odds in the style of roulette depending on how likely they are to come. The game looks time-consuming at first, but really Sic Bo is an easy game to learn to play. No wonder Sic Bo today is a game that is played all over the world and thus also online and in online casinos. In its simplicity, Sic Bo requires you to place bets as you would in roulette. The dice are then rolled. So it's also a dice game. Then, depending on the result, the winnings are distributed and then the table is again emptied of bets. Sounds really easy, but of course at this point you already want to know what to do with dice and what to bet correctly.

When the game can be played at different online casinos, it is a good idea to present suitable bets. When three dice are rolled, their incoming eye numbers are added together. Can bet a small or large total number of eyes. In the small they can be between 4 - 10 and in the large 11 - 17. So it has to be in one of these intervals for the Sic Bo in the game to win if you bet on these. Otherwise it disappears, that is, quite simple. So the game is pretty much the same as in many other dice games. In Sic Bo, you only bet on a result first, ie you can choose it yourself. For example, in a craps dice game, you cannot choose which result you want to win like in a Sic Bo game. In it, the house always wins with certain results and the players with certain results.

Sic Bo also allows for higher stakes and you can still choose how much you can win if you hit right. No Si Bo is basically roulette and craps as well as many other dice games intermediate form. In Sic Bo, you can also bet on a result where you throw doubles on any of the selected numbers. At the same time you can hit many different doubles in one throw. So when you roll three dice, two of them must have the same number and they must be exactly the numbers you have bet on. If you bet on threes, you have to throw threes out of three dice.

When you bet on other doubles as well, the probability of winning increases, but of course it costs more. But when the intention is to try two identical numbers, then the same is to try many different ones. However, no one can throw any influence on what the outcome will be. That is, if two No pas must have certain numbers, then two different numbers must be thrown.